2011 Priorities

I won’t call these resolutions.  I don’t do resolutions, as previously stated.  But there’s just something about the new year that does cause one to reflect.  As I do, I’m starting to think about what my priorities for 2011 might look like.  So far I’ve got:

1) Start a yoga practice.  I think this may involve taking private yoga classes, because I know I don’t have the diligence or ability to do it at home, and the beginner classes at the nearby yoga studios are all at times that would require a babysitter.  Why can’t there be a beginner class at a nice convenient time like right after I drop off Matthew from school?  But there is a studio right around the corner that does private sessions.  While the cost is a bit high, Deloitte has a fitness subsidy that will pay 50% up to $500 per year.  So far that fitness subsidy has gone unused so I think its about time I take advantage.

2) Get involved and give back.  For years I’ve wanted to develop a relationship with an organization that I could volunteer with – something more substantive than the typical cash or clothing donation.  But I’d never found an organization with whom I felt a connection.  A few months ago I started some research and I think I may have found it.  I’ve filled out an application and am waiting for 2 letters of reference, and am excited that this may be both a great opportunity for service and a great way to build connection in my community.

3) Travel in a way that makes sense to me.  I love to travel and have been lucky to have done quite a bit before Matthew was born.  Since then not so much.  Now that he is getting older I want to start traveling again, but not in the “lay on the beach in a 4 star resort” kind of way.  I want to identify travel opportunities that expand my horizons, are adventurous, a little rough, and possibly include some philanthropic aspects.  I just came across RoadMonkey and think that some of their trips sound amazing.

4) Take more pictures.  I’m trying to decide if I have the fortitude to embark on a 365 project. That seems way too ambitious.  But I’d like to challenge myself to something that will encourage me to have my camera in-hand more often.  This one will take more thought.

Hmmmm….what else?



2 Comments to “2011 Priorities”

  1. 1) Yoga – YogaJournal.com is starting a 21 day yoga challenge tomorrow. Videos delivered daily. Free! While I love yoga in a studio, I really want to develop a home practice.
    2) Can’t wait to see what you’re doing!
    3) Travel to VT. Bring Matthew. Stay with me. 😉 Also – girl’s weekend in Napa the on July 9/10. A celebration of 40.
    4) Meeeee to. Although I don’t think that I’ll ACTUALLY comply with a 365 project, I’m trying to be more mindful of taking “everyday” photos, and not just doing photog work.

  2. ps. 4) that would be “too”

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