Week One: Beginnings

As we embark on this year of mindfulness, what promise does the new year hold for you? What hopes do you have? What goals do you aspire to?

I hope to find myself and my place in the world.  Since my divorce I’ve spent the last few years in a self-imposed cocoon and I’m ready to emerge.  I’ve let friendships languish, and despite being told repeatedly that I need to “get back out there” I’ve not had any inclination to date.  I’m ready to at least consider that in my life again. 

When I got divorced I felt like I had to figure out who I was again. I’d let myself get lost in my marriage, compromised too much of myself trying to make it work.  In the last few years I’ve healed a lot, gotten strong and happy again, but I”m not sure I really know myself the way I’d like.  I find myself strangely reluctant to share myself – my likes and dislikes, thoughts and feelings – I’m talking about the silly personal stuff (favorite restaurant, what I like to do for fun).  Am I afraid of being judged?  My hope for the year is to work on owning all of me again.  (I have to mention that those who know me would probably be surprised by this.  I’m know as strong and opinionated.)

So in the spirit of new beginnings here’s a little bit about me:

  • I hate reality TV.  If there’s an awkward moment on TV I can’t watch.  I have to walk away or turn the channel.  Watching someone’s embarrassment is almost physically painful for me.
  • I love romance novels.  Addicted to them.  And the smuttier the better.  I’ve had to ban myself from reading them except when on vacation b/c once I pick one up I won’t put it down until I’ve read the whole thing.
  • I wish I were the kind of person who was athletic and worked out all the time, but I’m actually lazy and never do. However I’m intrigued by yoga because I love stretching and meditation (I’ve probably just insulted people who actually know about yoga).
  • If I was told I could only drink one beverage for the rest of my life (excepting water) I would choose milk.

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