Year of Mindfulness

As I start this new blogging journey for 2011 I have struggled with how to put my thoughts into any coherent form suitable for blog posts.  I’m not comfortable with my writing skills, especially when it comes to putting my thoughts “out there”.  I envisioned this blog being a place to help me focus my thoughts on becoming more mindful, defining my priorities, and doing a bit of a life “course correction.”  Problem is I’m not really clear on how to do that.

Today I came across the Year of Mindfulness * 52 Weeks of FOCUS project and think it may be a good starting point.  Hopefully I can use the weekly prompts as a starting point for self-examination.


2 Comments to “Year of Mindfulness”

  1. Well hello there! So glad you’ve joined us! Love your blog and these recent posts about A Year of Mindfulness: 52 Weeks of Focus. I sincerely hope 2011 is a great one for you. Looking forward to connecting throughout the year. Please find us on Twitter using hashtag #mindful52 and be sure to reach out to me @namaste_heather. Blessings!

  2. Yay for #mindful52!! I’ve been mindful – now need to blog about it. So happy that you joined in. And might I just say that 1) your blog is beautiful 2) your writing is beautiful and 3) YOU are beautiful.

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