Week Two: Simplify

How can you simplify your life? How do you make it more difficult than it needs to be? How are you wasting time? What are you holding onto that is not serving you?

I spend a huge part of my life inside my own home.  I work from home and as of last week finally became an official telecommuter.  When I’m not working I prefer to be at home with Matthew, building legos, snuggling, or just being together.  The first week in January I took down the Christmas tree and decorations and also needed to clear space in my home office to bring home files since I gave up my office downtown.  This has sparked a general desire to purge *stuff* and simplify my home. 

I’ve always been a clean-througher, donater, get-rid-of-er.  When my house is immaculately, spotlessly clean – Type A, freakishly organized,  nothing out of place clean – I walk around in a state of bliss.  I LOVE it.  I don’t usually expend the effort to get to that point (last time was Thanksgiving right before family arrived and it was a week’s solid effort to get it that way) but oh did I love it before chaos descended. 

I will continue to purge, donate, and declutter.  One I need to work on is to stop acquiring.  That one’s harder for me.  But I’ve gotten much better at not buying something unless I really love it, and it’s really exactly what I want.  Mostly otherwise I try to pass.  This may be a “superficial” interpretation of simplify, but for me being inside my home when it is beautiful and CLEAR is restful and peaceful.  For me, it works.


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