One Little Word | Captured

Week 4

This weekend I spent a lovely several hours finally working on my pages for Ali Edwards’ One Little Word workshop.  What a great exercise, I’m so glad I signed up for her class!  It really helped me focus on what my word meant to me, and gave me some new food for thought as well.  It also resulted in my first trip to a scrapbooking store (completely overwhelming…and expensive)!

The most surprising finding from this exercise is that all the synonyms for my word are “re-” words.  Recharge, refresh, rejuvenate, restore, revitalize, reclaim, replenish, rewaken, rekindle.  How wierd is that?  Turns out the definition of the prefix “re” is “again” or “anew”.  That says as much about what I want out of the year as anything else.  Who knew?


4 Comments to “One Little Word | Captured”

  1. I love your shopping and hopefully you manage to do something really nice of them. Scrapbooking is whole different level there than it is here. I always drool in internet everything about scrapbooking and try to not shop. I don’t scrapbook but I use same materials for mixed media art.

  2. Your OLW album is off to a great start. Love the photo with the Jan overlay. I like the sound of the “re” words. Thanks for linking up and I look forward to seeing more of your OLW.

  3. Oh my I love what you have gotten done with this class, I so need to get back to it before we are starting on the next lesson!

  4. Great photo. Can you believe I still didn’t finish my assignment for January yet!

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