Shoot and Edit: Red

I’ve stalked.  Each week I’ve looked and followed along.  And finally I’m joining the shoot and edit fun.  I’m nervous b/c I think that my skills really aren’t up to par, but I’m hoping that by participating I’ll learn and improve.  I think my photos are entirely average, and my Photoshop skills can be best categorized as “rank amateur”.  I’m learning to be OK with that, and already I’m amazing at how much I’m learning just by trying.

Here’s my SOOC shot:

Anyone visiting from Jill or Ashley’s linkup…would love your constructive critiques on this or my edited shot once it goes up!


2 Comments to “Shoot and Edit: Red”

  1. I really LIKE your shot! I love that you found a way to incorporate red in such a fun way! As a mom of 9 we have piles of boots around here too! Great thinking outside of the box. Your photo is well done and I look forward to your edit! Thanks for joining in. I’m happy to help you learn!!!! The best way to do that is to put into practice all that we have been sharing on our blogs! 🙂

  2. Oooooh. Love all the colours in this shot. I don’t think you have to do much to it to make it look great. You’ve got a pretty nice shot to begin with : )

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