One Little Word | Captured

Week 6

This week I was not focusing on renewal.  The blizzard hit Chicago on Tuesday afternoon and at 8pm we lost power.  I agonized over whether to tough it out through the night at home, or pack up Matthew and head on foot to a neighbor’s with power.  We stayed and by the morning it was COLD but we were fine.

On Wednesday the day could have been awful but was instead lovely.  Our neighbors took us in and we were delighted with their warmth and graciousness.  I shoveled snow for the elderly woman who lives 2 doors down, and it seemed the whole community took to the street and sidewalks to catch up and play in the snow.  Matthew had a ball playing outside for hours – thank goodness for our great friends who fed us and kept us warm until our power came back on!

I think the lesson for me is that renewal can occur in unexpected places.  I renewed some connections with neighbors and had a terrific snow day with my son.  That carried me through what turned out to be the rest of a pretty crappy week.

What’s interesting for me as I explore my word is how its meaning seems to be changing for me.  I had picked it as an opportunity to take a life-reset.  Start over. Do things differently.  But it’s turning out to be the case that I’m finding renewal by accepting and appreciating what I already have.   Like a blizzard and no heat in 20 degree weather.  Which turned out to be a pretty OK thing.


4 Comments to “One Little Word | Captured”

  1. That looks like our street right now! Glad you not only survived the storm, but also found some play in it!

  2. Love this and how your OLW happens unexpectedly and in day to day life.

  3. Renewal what a great word. So many different ways it can unfold for you this year. Thank you for the story of renewing connections with neighbors in the storm and that great photo of enjoying the snow.

  4. OMG I love your word and how you captured it! Sounds like you really found the positive in everything and the picture is awesome!

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