I turned 40 a few months ago, and it’s also the new year.  That’s probably as good a reason as any to take a moment for introspection.  My friend Katrina has been gently suggesting that I get back into blogging, so I’ll start by making a list of random reflections (since I’m not a big maker of resolutions).

1. For me, life really has gotten better as I’ve aged. I’m as happy now as I’ve ever been.

2. I really need to develop an exercise routine.  Almost probably for certain.  Definitely maybe.

3. My life and my choices revolve around my son.

4. I am not the hard-charging career woman I thought I was in my 20’s.

5. I am a homebody.  I am absolutely the happiest at home and I am a “nester.”

6. I love the idea of romantic love but I’m not sure I’ll experience it again personally.

7. I believe in saving (spending less than I make) as a lifestyle choice.

8. Less is usually more.

9. Spend money on experiences, not stuff.

10. Kindness matters, a lot.

11. I will never be truly happy if I try to please others at the cost of being true to myself.

12. Coffee is the nectar of the gods.

13. Sometimes you have to slow down and listen to the spaces between things.

14. Lots can be made better with a good snuggle.

15. Sometimes things can’t be made better, and you need to leave.

16. Every woman should own a nice handbag and a good cordless drill.  And she should know how to use the drill.

17. Worry is a wasted emotion.  It cripples, is counterproductive, and produces no value.  Don’t do it.  Take action, make a plan, or let it go.

18.Cats are cool.

19. I should either learn to cook better or find a good man to cook for me. Since the latter isn’t likely I guess I need to get working on the former.

20. Life is about the journey, not the destination.  If you are waiting for things to “get better” they probably won’t.  Make things better now, or figure out a way to be happy in your current circumstances.

21. I am in charge of my happiness.  No one else.

I had originally hoped to come up with 40 things, but hey, 21 isn’t bad.


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