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February 12, 2011

One Little Word | Captured

Week 7

The past year or so I’ve been thinking about self-discovery.  Of “figuring myself out” and who I want to be post-divorce.  Being a single mom wasn’t part of my life plan and its taken me awhile to decide that it’s OK to be somewhere unexpected.  I’ve been doing a lot of reading.  And OLW has helped focus my thinking too as I look forward.  As I spend this month creating pictures that capture what my word (renew) means to me, this is one of them – these books have, each in some measure, helped me in my path towards getting there:

February 7, 2011

One Little Word | Captured

Week 6

This week I was not focusing on renewal.  The blizzard hit Chicago on Tuesday afternoon and at 8pm we lost power.  I agonized over whether to tough it out through the night at home, or pack up Matthew and head on foot to a neighbor’s with power.  We stayed and by the morning it was COLD but we were fine.

On Wednesday the day could have been awful but was instead lovely.  Our neighbors took us in and we were delighted with their warmth and graciousness.  I shoveled snow for the elderly woman who lives 2 doors down, and it seemed the whole community took to the street and sidewalks to catch up and play in the snow.  Matthew had a ball playing outside for hours – thank goodness for our great friends who fed us and kept us warm until our power came back on!

I think the lesson for me is that renewal can occur in unexpected places.  I renewed some connections with neighbors and had a terrific snow day with my son.  That carried me through what turned out to be the rest of a pretty crappy week.

What’s interesting for me as I explore my word is how its meaning seems to be changing for me.  I had picked it as an opportunity to take a life-reset.  Start over. Do things differently.  But it’s turning out to be the case that I’m finding renewal by accepting and appreciating what I already have.   Like a blizzard and no heat in 20 degree weather.  Which turned out to be a pretty OK thing.

January 31, 2011

One Little Word | Captured

Week 5

It was a great, lazy weekend at home with Matthew.  At one point he grabbed my camera and asked me if he could take some pictures.  I’m incredibly nervous letting a 5 year old handle my Nikon but he did great, and he actually took the below shot.  He had me throw the mousie up to Max over and over until he got the shot he wanted.  Not bad, kiddo!

January 23, 2011

One Little Word | Captured

Week 4

This weekend I spent a lovely several hours finally working on my pages for Ali Edwards’ One Little Word workshop.  What a great exercise, I’m so glad I signed up for her class!  It really helped me focus on what my word meant to me, and gave me some new food for thought as well.  It also resulted in my first trip to a scrapbooking store (completely overwhelming…and expensive)!

The most surprising finding from this exercise is that all the synonyms for my word are “re-” words.  Recharge, refresh, rejuvenate, restore, revitalize, reclaim, replenish, rewaken, rekindle.  How wierd is that?  Turns out the definition of the prefix “re” is “again” or “anew”.  That says as much about what I want out of the year as anything else.  Who knew?

January 20, 2011

One Little Word | Captured

Week 3

I wish it was always going to be this easy to find the meaning of renew in my daily life.

What an AMAZING week.  My first international trip just me and Matthew, and it was everything I could have hoped for.

He was a wonderful traveling companion – flexible, patient, and open-minded (as much as a 5 year old can be).  I can’t say enough about how wonderful Club Med is for parents traveling with small children – they really have the family vacation traveler in mind when they plan every detail of their resorts.

The entire vacation we just soaked in the warm weather, the beach, and each other.  I LIVED each moment – I was mindful of each moment – and I have never enjoyed a vacation more.

Objectively speaking it wasn’t the best vacation I’ve ever had, but the intention to make it so…made it so.  Amazing how an attitude can so thoroughly impact an experience.

Post vacation note: while snuggling in bed last night Matthew and I had the following conversation.

Me: So now that this vacation is done, where do you think we should go next time?
Matthew: Momma, what’s the country that’s named after the meat?
Me: Um, Turkey?
Matthew: Yeah!  I bet that’d be cool.



January 10, 2011

One Little Word | Captured

One other way I’ll keep myself focused on my goals for the year is by joining the One Little Word | Captured project.  My One Little Word for the year is renew.  This week, my big renewal project is causing me a bit of stress, but I hope I’ll be getting quite a bit of renewal once Wed rolls around.  Here’s my pic:

The picture is a bit blurry, but I was rushed as I took it while trying to pack for our Mexico trip tonight.  I decided that finishing my packing, getting my post done, and getting to bed at a reasonable hour was a better choice than trying to get a perfect picture.  I’ll feel renewed tomorrow if I get a decent night’s sleep tonight!